Time For a Break


One thing I have noticed, and Teemu Leino agrees, it seems like concentration and focus only lasts about 150 laps a day. After that you lose a couple of tenths. They just go and have a coffee or something. After 150 laps or so, you sort of need to mentally prepare yourself, and try really hard to focus, and then maybe you can find the tenths and still put a good run together. But it’s not easy.

That’s why I like to take a bit of a break before big races, and this time I actually have managed to prepare really well, and can take a really nice break of two weeks before the worlds. 6 gallons just in the last 3 weeks alone is plenty, specially because it was meaningful practice, with a purpose. I will go to the track one day in America to tune the engines, that’s it. Taking a break, preparing all the equipment, and then doing some other stuff clears the mind, and hopefully those tenths will stick around for the whole week at the worlds!

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