The Freedom to be Confused

Watch the stupidity unfold. Unbelievable! Absolutely hilarious how:

  1. These people can’t understand the concept of taking a stand regarding problems facing other people (not themselves).
  2. People and real world events are more important than symbols and feelings.
  3. Criticism is only ok when it’s delivered from the right people towards an appropriate target.
  4. Even if something is very good, it can still be better. And if it is perfect for some, it doesn’t mean it is perfect for everyone.

After watching the above piece, see what it was all about below. Jeeez, that guy is such an asshole!

2 thoughts on “The Freedom to be Confused

  1. twistedneck says:

    This protest by Colin Kaepernick is simply a privileged entertainer taking advantage of a real issue that happens to be en vogue right now to gain attention. Watching his explanation makes me wonder if he even knows what he is protesting? He needs to read some philosophy, Thoreau comes to mind.

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