A Radical & Controversial Thought

Last night I got a taxi ride home after a much needed night out. My taxi driver was a man from Somalia, who took a boat from Northern Africa to Greece as a refugee, got into Turkey, and then after some time made it to Finland where his wife was already waiting. Now he has been in Finland for about 10 years.

I know it’s a radical thought, but I think we are all just ordinary people here on earth, and the majority of us are good, and want the same things, a successful happy healthy life for our family and friends. Let’s not spoil it for all of us because of the minority of shitbags out there.

One thought on “A Radical & Controversial Thought

  1. Jimmy D says:

    How about the fact that you can get that much information out of someone on a taxi drive home. That is the kind of connection people need to be making with one another. People can be quite introverted, have a wall up, and don’t spend the enriching time to take interest in others.

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