Back at it…


After a whole week of rain, and no driving, I was back at the track yesterday and today. I can definitely tell the difference between driving every day for a few days, then going to the track it just takes a tank and I’m back on the pace and I have the right feeling. But after a week, once again, the first day, I pretty much was just trying to find that feeling.

As I wrote before here, finding your groove is important, and this is one of the problems I need to overcome. I need to be able to drive at, or close to my maximum level quicker, somehow I need to practice this. What I have been doing now is, I go to the track, put it down, and immediately do 5 minute runs. I know my best times, and that’s what I need to achieve immediately, first try. It’s really hard to do, but if I can begin to pull that off, progress has been made.

The thing that I tend to do is drive too fast into corners, overshoot them, slow too much in the corner, and just be sketchy in general. Then at some point I realise I am driving like an idiot, I slow down a bit, focus on my lines,  my braking points and maintaining speed in the corners, flowing around the track, and suddenly I am on the pace. This needs to happen immediately and all the time.


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