Lowkey is BACK! Compressing a complex issue into one song

No matter how complicated the conflicts in the world seem, it really only comes down to one thing. On both sides, or all sides of a conflict, the true problem isn’t the enemy, but who you see in the mirror. A life is a life, and all human lives have the same value. When you dehumanise you desensitise, and when that happens lives stop mattering. Infidels deserve to die, migrants deserve to die, christians deserve to die, muslims deserve to die. Or you may not think that they deserve to, but you won’t feel anything when reading about however many of them did. Because they aren’t like you, it doesn’t matter to you.

Western society is superior to the backwards religious nutjob regimes of the middle east, but one thing that seems to have been lost on many people in the west, is the story this song tells. The majority of the people fleeing are fleeing because they are normal people who want normal things, and that’s not compatible with war, or whatever islamic factions they are dealing with.

People don’t like me because I have opinions they disagree with. Let me just say that my opinions stem from the belief that all human beings have the same worth and should be treated accordingly. We should be judged by our actions. So haters, where do your opinions stem from? Are you better than Ahmed?

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