I’m Just Messing With You!


I can’t believe people thought I was scrapping JQRacing because I sold a couple of cars and a radio. I just got fresh stuff so I can go kick ass at the Worlds peeps! This is a lesson in don’t believe everything you read. The only way I will quit is if I have no choice, ie. going out of business. Even then I will re group and come back stronger. I have never given up on any of my goals. I’m going to make it, I got a great group of drivers supporting the brand, and providing feedback and ideas, and in return I share my knowledge and ideas with you. I hope you enjoy the daily blogs, and I hope you learn new shit every now and then. Once I get past this busy time, and once the worlds are over, I will post some more informative setup stuff. Maybe if I am inspired I will do so sooner. Who knows. They are always hard to make easy to grasp.

So no I’m not quitting, I just sold some stuff, that’s all. Glad to see people care! High five!

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Messing With You!

  1. Ben Howard says:

    Keep at it JQ, your blog is refreshing look at the world of RC. Now which buggy to buy? 😉

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