Why Watch Fiction When You Can Watch Reality?

Ok it’s Sunday, something different today. Don’t be put off by the title, this documentary was better than the flashy title would have you believe. And no, it isn’t exceptionally gory even though it may seem so in the beginning. So don’t be scared. Yes it was sensationalist and one sided, but still, it just showed how bad the world is in places, and it just got me thinking again. Oh no…

You have to watch this thing. I mean what the actual fuck is wrong with the human race? Now I have seen and read a lot. Shit gets real in a whole different way in the 3rd world, yet somehow this documentary just blew my mind. It’s just the way people carry themselves and talk about life, when they are in their “normal routine” and the realisation that the reality they deal with, is not something we can even comprehend. If you really want to see something crazy watch “The Act Of Killing” and “The Look Of Silence”. Some disturbing stuff there. The director Joshua Oppenheimer speaks about them here:


The world is so fucked up it’s hard to see how it will ever improve. Mix western capitalist greed and morality with effective blinkers, with the corruption and ignorance of the 3rd world, add a population in poverty taking dumps on the beach, and you have a shitshow. How do you even begin to sort this mess out?

In a way it’s really simple. Stop for a second and imagine that we are all human beings with equal value and dignity. Take this thought and apply it to what you do in your life. If western governments and corporations would do that, I wonder how different the world would look today. Instead of propping up and supporting dictators and rebels who give the best deals on whatever the stuff is that the country has, and that the west wants, and then completely ignoring all the crimes against humanity that go with those corrupt fucking idiots, what if the west actually had some integrity? If there have been any decent leaders in these backward countries, they have probably all been disposed of due to not playing ball with the west, ie. give us your stuff for next to nothing.

To spell it out, if we look past religion and tribalism that cause so much trouble in the world, many of the worst war torn and poor countries are that way because they are the richest. Unfortunately for them they just haven’t developed to where they could benefit from it as a nation. They have stuff we want, so they are killing each other in order to figure out who gets to sell it to us. And we just go for the best deal, and help them kill whoever gets in their way. This way we can have cheap everything, we can turn a bigger profit, and because of our blinkers, we can sleep at night. Because we aren’t the bad guys, it’s those savages that are. They just can’t stop being that way. They aren’t our kids so fuck them.

*Sidenote, if a country doesn’t have stuff we want, in the event that tribalism or other conflict exists, we simply sell a ton of weapons there instead of doing something productive. Easy money. I mean Somalia has nothing we want, but they like to fight. They got some terrorists too. Let’s just ship a ton of weapons their way then, make a quick buck.

Not my kid

“Just be happy I’m not your kid.” This is just too good to be a coincidence, I mean really.


One thought on “Why Watch Fiction When You Can Watch Reality?

  1. twistedneck says:

    This is some heavy shit Joseph and impossible to fix as long as we let money decide everything.

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