1:10th Euros 4wd Day 2 – Just a tiny bit too slow…


Today was the first qualifying day for 4wd. It proved to be a lot harder than expected. 2wd went so well that I was hoping for more from 4wd. Max did great, and is actually faster than me on raw pace, but makes bigger mistakes. He is 12th overall right now with 8 and 11 scores. I am 11th with 7 and 9 scores. Either one of us could make the main tomorrow with one or two perfect runs.

For me I am just a bit too slow. If I could find a few tenths more pace, I would already be in the main. That’s all we are talking about here. 0.2secs x 12 = 2.4secs. Pretty much all I need. The margin of error is tiny when you are a bit too slow. The car is ok, but I’m just not comfortable with it. The link between me and the car is missing so I’m not driving it very well. I don’t really know what to change on the car to improve it. For next year it’s easy, just practice and test and make it work for me, but for now, all I can do is concentrate and be smooth, and try and have a clean run! What happens happens. Electric racing, as all racing is mental, and I’m sure if it was only practice I would be fine 😀

As for Max, let’s just hope he keeps it on it’s wheels and makes it in! He has the pace, which is great to see, first time ever at a big race like this! Maybe the road trip has paid off?


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