1:10th Euros Day 3 – 2wd Mains – SHHHHHhhhh…

Track has actually turned out to be a lot of fun!

Track has actually turned out to be a lot of fun!


Today we had 2 more qualifying rounds, followed by all finals. It’s funny how it goes, both Max and me made the B-main unexpectedly, yet after today, sort of feel like it could have gone quite a bit better! In the end Max was 18th and I was 19th after a messy B-final. We were happy with the cars and hope next years Euros are on dirt, so we can practice before that one and attend again! Where are the Euros 2017? Does anyone know?

One thing that is a bit strange at the Euros, and something I don’t agree with is how everyone has to be all quiet during the mains. With there being no announcing either, it makes the mains really unentertaining to watch if there isn’t much on track action. I’m sure the drivers can handle noise from the crowd or an announcer! More fun for everyone.

Neil Cragg won the Championship again, after I don’t know how many years. Great for him and his team. He is a good guy and one of the few multi time champions who based on my understanding has never been a full time professional racer. Amazing. “Come on Neil!”

Now the real racing begins! YIPPEE!



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