Insane or Potentially Genius

Internet is a bit slow here, somewhere outside of Stuttgart Germany. Tomorrow we visit LRP on our drive home. But a few thoughts from today’s drive.

12 hours on the road today, and I have to say I am most certainly somewhat insane. But what struck me today was how at the lowest point, the point where I think fuck this why even bother, everything sucks, I try so hard, I have no money, I don’t even have a home, or a family, or anything normal, and I’m failing, at that point, instead of driving off a cliff, I suddenly have an idea, and that idea lights a flame, and that flame excites me. BOOM, I’m back. I now know why I sucked, and how I can suck less next time. I know what to do next in order to improve the car, and I know what to do to improve the company. I make a road map and a plan for the future, and begin structuring my world take over once again in my head.

I am insane, but the sort of insane that one day might hit the jackpot. Because there is method to my madness, and I never stop moving forward. My company has been here for 6 and a half years now, and every year we have improved everything except sales. That sucks for me, but one day that will improve too.

One thought on “Insane or Potentially Genius

  1. Pleb says:

    Sometimes I wonder, if the place of your dreams is overcrowded should you dream another dream?

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