Euros 2016 – Recap


This years Euros has got to go down as one of the best I have attended! Let’s list a few things about this years event

The track was epic, although I don’t agree with fixing it with concrete, that wasn’t cool. Actually even between the qualifying days which I thought wasn’t allowed. But overall, it was epic, good fun.Maybe not the best track to race on, but fun to drive around, and it definitely looked the part.

The facility was very good. Good pits, awesome restaurant with a lot of different food, a beer tent, good use of space, great viewing, big drivers stand. It was all very well laid out and looked great.

The weather, apart from some strong winds and what looked like a risk of rain on the first qualifying day, it was hot and sunny. Great for racing.

WE LV Setup and Pace on High Grip has always been an achilles heel, but with the past months focus on improving it for high grip due to what was expected to be a high grip Euros and high grip Worlds, (neither coming true though), the weak point has now been turned into a strength. THECar is now solid on high grip!

JR Drivers Pace. As bad as it is for me, there are a lot of fast young drivers in Europe now, Ongaro, Baruffolo making the main now not in their home country, Burak Kilic just missing the main, etc.

Yannick’s pace and superb 2nd place at his 20th Euros was a nice boost of motivation for anyone a bit older 🙂 It is possible!


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