Euros 2016 – Qualifying Day 1


I find it rather ironic that the one time I have a plan, my car is good, pace is good, everything is clicking, God intervenes. There is no other explanation for this weather. No one predicted this. We even had some rain drops. Well, the sandstorm, clouds, and lower temps definitely changed the track, and my trajectory.

First round was good, I wanted to do a safe run, and was just a bit too slow, 2-3 seconds from 5th place, so not bad, but I finished 11th. Then I had a 4.5h break before my 2nd round. The track was way different and I was slow. Car felt good, but I was slow. I think we don’t need to scramble the heats on consistent tracks. Makes for super long breaks, and then shorter one another time. No need for that.

Then for the 3rd round I ran LW Soft instead of medium, and lightened my shock oil one step. This was however not enough, and once again, my car felt good but was slow! For tomorrow I now changed the rear hub insert so the hole is higher, and reduced caster, in order to make the car faster for the looser conditions. I drive early tomorrow, and then I will decide what to do for the last round. But now I should have a good car for the 4th round. Tomorrow I need two good runs so I can make the semis!


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