Max Euro Trip


Written by: Max Mört

This has been the first big road trip for me and first time being abroad without my parents, if not counting Sweden, and it has been pretty amazing. I have gone to the last two Euros with my family with a caravan so the start felt pretty normal going through Sweden except that it was Joseph that I was traveling with not my family. One of the cool things Joseph has is his #rcgypsy style. No nights staying at a hotel only staying with some friends. One big difference to traveling with my family is that me myself and Joseph, we do not like to plan things too far ahead. That is something I really like. You are driving through Italy and you see a really nice town next to the Mediterranean sea and you decide to go there and buy and ice cream and enjoy the view. Or you realize that some friend lives nearby the road you are going and decide to go eat breakfast with them.

The life of a young #rcgypsy

The life of a young #rcgypsy

The race in Landshut Germany was my first race without my dad being my mechanic. Luckily some nice German JQ drivers wanted to help me and I got through the finals pretty well. Tomorrow we will drive to Spain after a cool training week in France with the Medjoubi family. They have been really nice and gave us a place to sleep. The week has still been really hard. Wake up early go to sleep late. Whole week wrenching and driving and breaking in my and one of Joseph’s engines. I wanted to get confident for the euros and decided to drive with my base setup and just get as many laps in as possible and as the track was really hard it was really nice to just drive and only think about that, not to try different setups all the time. On Thursday however, I decided to change my car and got it really really good and now I am even more confident for the Euros.

Amazing feast at the Medjoubi family! This week we prepare for the Euros together!

Amazing feast at the Medjoubi family! This week we prepare for the Euros together!

One of the funniest moments of the week was Joseph’s frustration on Monday when he did not get his shit together. He was sitting on the rostrum just looking at his transmitter and then he asked me to go turn his car around. After that I decided to give him a friendly hug every time he looked sad and somehow he got everything sorted out. This trip has also taught me many things about Europe and seeing some new cities and small villages has been pretty cool too. For example in Germany we went to a local beer garden and in Italy we went to get an ice cream by the sea. Today Rayan showed some places here in Toulon and some other places nearby. It has been a great trip and a great experience. Also huge thanks to all the people who have let us stay with them for a night or just a quick visit: Mervyn, Dieter, The Medjoubis and Max Johansson. Also thanks for my pit crew in Landshut and Joseph for letting me go with him even though I hit him every time I see a yellow car. TRANQUILLE!

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  1. Tobbe says:

    Aah yes… The “yellow car game”

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