Ramadan Wrenching


Oh that glass of watermelon juice that Mrs Medjoubi brought over to test us looked so tasty but wasn’t touched.

Today we decided to take part in Ramadan here at the Medjoubi household. During the Muslim “celebration” I guess of Ramadan, no food, drink or fornication is allowed from sunrise to sunset. Well two of those actually mattered for us. Ramadan lasts for a month, but we aren’t here for a month, but got in the spirit and joined for a day. I think it’s crazy to choose to suffer for your beliefs but to each his own. However, it does make you appreciate the simple pleasure of eating and drinking once the sun goes down. Something many people don’t have regardless of the sun’s position.

We spent the day wrenching and preparing our equipment for the Euros. Tomorrow we take a day off (company work instead) and then Sunday we drive to Spain!


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