Mid Term Evaluation


3 months ago I wrote a post “The Starting Point”, explaining how shit I am right now. The idea was to try and improve and work towards getting into a position where I can one day battle at the sharp end of the field. After these three months, here is what I have learned about my driving and my situation.

  1. For me to do well, my engine and my clutch have to be perfect. By perfect I mean exactly what I want. I have noticed that I seem to be unable to compensate for an engine that is too lean, and running on. I will not be fast. Likewise, if the engine is rich, two things will happen. It will be inconsistent lap to lap, as some laps it loads up more than others, and this will lead to bad driving. Additionally the inconsistent and rich engine will frustrate me and I will begin driving like an idiot. So I really need to have my engine tune spot on, where it does the same thing every lap, every time I pull the trigger.
  2.  My car has to be 90% right, in the ballpark, it can’t be doing anything weird. I can’t drive around problems. I need to get the car good, then stick with it and get used to it. For me to do well I have to be really familiar with the car. I need to pound laps with the same setup gallons on end so I “know” the car. This way I can get close to the cars and my skills limit, and go fast within control. I need to make certain changes and drive a lot with those too. Then at the races, I stick to my setup, and the known changes. This way in all situations, I will have a familiar car to drive. This is key. I can’t adapt. I can’t maximise my or the cars performance if I don’t know very clearly where the limit is. The best drivers figure it out within a few laps, I don’t.
  3. As I wrote in the previous article, setting up for corners correctly and flowing through them is key, and that’s what I need to focus on when driving. The thing is, that setup helps, yes, but right now I am driving 1s a lap too slow, it’s not my setup. So I need to get my car good, and then work on going 1 second faster than my best lap, and doing it for 5 minute timed runs. It’s as simple as that. Practice with a purpose.
Yes I pretty much just blew out again!

Yes I pretty much just blew out again!

How Is It Looking Now?

I have honestly not been able to practice as much as I would have wanted. I am not really confident for the Euros. I think I will finish average, 7th-20th. If my car is awesome first time I put it down, and it remains awesome for the race, my engine is perfect, and luck is on my side, I can do better. If one thing goes wrong, I won’t be in the main.

As for the Worlds, there is still enough time. I will have August and September to put laps in. For the Worlds I am more confident. I need to be prepared for the Worlds!


One thought on “Mid Term Evaluation

  1. Paco Topete says:

    Will like to see it in the worlds in a interview with Phil@neobuggy: “The car is good, tires are good, engine is good, felt really confident with my driving …” Then a slap in the face!
    just because
    -keep up the good work-

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