LA Speedway German Nationals Qualifier – Day 2

IMG_4038[1]Today we had the last qualifier 1st up in the morning, which we decided to skip with Max as it was maximum muddy, and we already had two good results. Genius. The eCar class had semi finals, and I won mine, and Max was easily bumping to the main when his car ground to a halt. A loose motor wire was to blame :-(. I ended up winning the eCar class after double 10min mains. Bloody electric!

In nitro I definitely didn’t have the “flow” today. Things just didn’t go my way at all. In the semi I flamed out during my first pit stop. This meant that I started the main in 5th place. In the main after flipping on torn carpet, then getting accidentally taken out by someone re-entering the track, and finally getting stuck in traffic in the pit lane entry ramp, I eventually got going and drove up from 5th to 2nd right behind the leader, when it started raining. I don’t know if it was my tyre choice of super soft chainlink or my car, or what, but I was 2 seconds slower than the other guys it seemed, and I dropped like a stone to 4th. At the very end the rain eased and I got some traction again, but boy was it slippery there for a while!

So I won electric and 4th in Nitro. Max made the main in nitro as there is no soldering required. He finished 7th after a good showing! First time without his dad messing things up for him too! All on his own, great job!



After the Final

After cleaning the car! Back in business.

After cleaning the car! Back in business.

The Speedway track that we never had time to visit during their race :-(

The Speedway track that we never had time to visit during their race 😦

Tomorrow we head to France! Let’s see if we manage to order some croissants this time! Where is that classic race report. I have to find it again. Danke Schön to the Grosch family for the hospitality, and watch out the Medjoubi’s! Tomorrow another nice 12h drive!

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