Bittydesign Euro Contest – Finals

jqracing-arma-energy-eurocontestToday was one season of racing in one day. Started off with a damp track for the 2nd electric A main, then started raining for my nitro race, so had a mudder of a semi final. Then finally for the main final, hot and sunny on a dry  blue groove track. Got to race in all different conditions at this race, and happy to see that the LV is performing consistently with the latest setup improvements.

This race was the first one now for a while where I can clearly compare the progress since last year. Last year I was completely off the top youngster’s pace, and was racing the guys behind them basically. This year I was still a bit too slow, but was now able to mix it up with them a bit. I did qualify 3rd too which was good. I was in a bit of my own no mans land pace wise, as the top 3, Baruffolo, Ongaro and Zanchettin were faster than me, but I was faster than the rest, so not the most fun for racing. Progress is nice but it sure is slow at the moment.

Oh and as this is a race report, I finished 5th in both. I did run out of fuel in Nitro so that set me back there, but 4th was where I was going to be, in no mans land.

The thing that I am trying to do with the car is give it more grip and stability, and then add steering, instead of how it has been in the past where to get steering you basically had to reduce rear grip. That’s often the way people set up cars, but it won’t ultimately be the fastest setup when you reduce grip. This is why I have been running some prototype parts in addition to the changes in the setup, with the long arms and links in the rear. Basically I want to have maximum grip for the worlds as the track will most likely be slippery, and I also want the same setup to work with only minor changes on high grip, such as what the Euros will be like. So far so good, Nordics was high grip, Euro contest was medium to loose and almost identical setup at both. I still need to find the right carbon plates for the steering knuckles for the right amount and kind of steering, along with finding the right caster angle to run. There are a few other ideas I am trying on the front end to increase steering and make higher corner speeds possible while maintaining grip, and not sliding around.


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