Haters – Invisible & Mysterious


I was cleaning the office and thinking about haters. Don’t know why. Anyway, I complain about a lot of shit, but I don’t think I pick a brand or a person and just tear them down for whatever reason every time I get the chance. It must a be a curious thought process to feel like doing this. I am just curious as to how it works and what the motivation behind it is.

Please explain.


2 thoughts on “Haters – Invisible & Mysterious

  1. revannth says:

    XD. . .Thats an interesting question. We can actually script a whole thesis about it and yet not arrive at the answer.

  2. Paco Topete says:

    Haters: They envy you.

    malicius envy is a sin,
    sincity is where sins are
    you where in Vegas racing,
    perhaps you got it from there

    Must go with phisician, maybe
    you got an infection too…


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