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Finally after 6 months or so, I am heading home to Finland for the next weeks. Not 100% sure when the next trip will be. Now it’s time to focus on sales and related tasks, along with preparing for the Euros and Worlds. I’m looking forward to staying in one place for a while and get shit done! It’s hard to make progress when traveling and promoting the brand, other than by building a larger network. When you stay in one place and focus on your job, it’s possible to make progress, and that is what I intend to do, on every level. It will be a busy summer, and I am really looking forward to applying all the things I have learned over the past 6 months to my business, as well as try to go to the track and improve my driving. I REALLY enjoy both the Euros and Worlds tracks, and it would be great to prepare well and achieve good results at both.

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