Euros Warm Up – Day 2

IMG_3593[1]Today was a good example of sucking to suck once again. I mean my car felt good, specially after I put that thicker rear swaybar on. It was easier to point and aim through the chicanes and felt better on the high grip. However, mind pump was a problem and I just didn’t drive very well. It looks so easy. On a fast high grip track you need to be smooth, and you need to stay on power so the car won’t flip. So it’s almost like I need to just go for it more and not drive like a girl. No, wait, scratch that, Jessica Pålsson almost beat me and Malin Karlsen has already beat a lot of top guys. We can’t use that saying any more. I would be better off driving like one 🙂

So tomorrow I have a 1/4 final where I can figure out my driving, and then see about doing damage in the semi final. I am not changing my car because it is good enough. I will focus on improving my driving. I need to slow down enough for the corners, hit my lines, maintain my corner speed, and stay on throttle. The 1/4 final will be perfect for figuring the track out in a race situation. If I could do the rest of the track as well as I do that woop section in the middle then I would be dialed!

And of course we have next week for practice too.

It’s good to watch Ronnefalk negotiate the track, poetry in motion. It looks so easy.

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