Worlds Warm Up – Qualifying

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough race! Strange engine problems are the main reason for the terrible time I’m having. Actually I think I got the car good, it’s just impossible to place the car where I want it lap after lap when every time I hit the throttle the engine does something different. Tomorrow I will try again with a different engine. Everything else has already been changed.

As for the car, with the super slick and bumpy track, I have gone to thinner swaybars, 2.2/2.4, thinner shock oils 27/25 and longer wheelbase. Finally I lowered the front and rear upper links both on tower and hub, which gave the car a bit more bite. With these changes I thought my car was actually quite good in the last round, but with the motor running on so bad I was braking my way around the slow sections instead of throttling it was just impossible to do anything good with it.

Tomorrow we have 1 qualifying round, and then the mains. Everyone is guaranteed at least a 30min main, so that’s good for testing. Looking for ward to it. I just got back from Arenacross, and not it’s time for bed! Tomorrow night, SUPERCROSS!

+ Track getting rough

– Cool weather and even a bit of rain

+ Good amount of track time here!

– Watering the track is the stupidest thing ever. Inconsistent as hell and just silly.

No water....

No water….

...water...same round...

…water…same round…


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