Worlds Warm Up 2016 – Las Vegas


Some observations.

+ The track seems to be becoming a real offroad track, bumpy, loose, tough. I like it

– This feels like a club race, not a world class event 😦

+ But it’s a club race in Vegas, right by the strip!!!

– Come on guys, how about a schedule, how about posting results, how about technical inspection checking all fuel tanks once instead of top 3 every time.

+ The facility is really great, best one I have been to in America!

– Tyler Prick and his dad.

+ Greg Degani’s insanity.

+/- Cole Ogdens triple corkscrew flip over the fence almost hitting a parked car after almost knocking Ronda Drake’s head off.

As for setup, I am now running what I would run back home in Finland. Pretty happy with the car actually, so I am looking forward to qualifying. Less antisquat due to the bumps, 6-6-3 diffs, otherwise pretty standard. Tomorrow I will try different springs, and swaybars, that’s it!

One thought on “Worlds Warm Up 2016 – Las Vegas

  1. Bill Hagen says:

    Good luck to you the team brother – eye of the tiger! πŸπŸ†πŸ»

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