The gift that keeps on giving

So we are at the worlds warm up in Vegas, and as you probably know, a lot has been said and written about the track over the past months. Was pretty amusing to hear that apparently the track crew took a pick axe to the track in order to make some bumps. So we have gone from a  great track to a hard slick track, to a hard high grip track, to a hard loose track with dust on top. I also find it funny that had they just done what I believe most people said, ie. just leave the track alone (which will most likely happen for the worlds), it would have been dialed.

I guess the fact that it seems the former concrete track is just covered with some dirt has caused the water not to go through, so its basically a super hard base with dust on top, that doesn’t get loamy when wet like it should. Well no shit….

I guess it’s fitting that we are in Vegas, the worlds track will be a gamble. No one knows what it will be like. I hope they take the time to re do it properly, break up the hard base and make it all loamy and offroad style like it should be! I guess we will have to wait and see!


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