THE JQRacing Caribbean Meet



I brought David a WE LV kit. He started building it on Saturday morning, and continued on Sunday. Me and Ricardo Vilorio helped him, and in the end we got it done in time for the main. That’s the longest build ever David! But we made it.


Coconuts are good for you they say.

  IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_3081IMG_3082TQ and win in Nitro Buggy, win in EP Buggy!


After the race, after trying Dominican food, Dominican-American, and Dominican-Mexican, it was time for Dominican-Italian. Great food here!


One thought on “THE JQRacing Caribbean Meet

  1. David says:

    It was nice to have you here, Joseph. Kiitos paljon!! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to build THE Car with you and learn from your experience. I hope you can come back again soon. Now you know a place where it is always summer. A big thank you!! Good luck on your 2016 competition season! Keep in touch.

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