Road Trip Day 17 – The Dominican Republic

JQ Caribbean Meet 2016

Yes I admit it, I had to cheat, I hopped on a plane. But the thing is, that The Carribbean is right there, it’s right by Florida, so when JQ DR came calling, of course I was all about it. A JQRacing RC Clinic followed by a race, how could I say no?

I have to admit, I didn’t even know exactly where the DR was, and more than likely neither do you, so here we go, a few facts.


The Dominican Republic was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. It became a Spanish colony, with the western part of the island, now Haiti, becoming a French colony at some point. This is why the main language in DR is Spanish, and Haiti it’s French. Interestingly, even though the geography and population is the same, as it is not a big island (DR is basically 4h longest drive), the DR has developed way further than Haiti. With Haiti in largely extreme poverty, the Dominican Republic seems to have made it head and shoulders above that. Don’t get me wrong, RC is still a rich man’s sport here, with the monthly minimum wage being about 1/3rd of an RC Car at 220usd or so.

Baseball is the most popular sport here, and social drinking and general mingling the favourite pass time. Tomorrow I will see the sights, and then Saturday we will  learn how to build and maintain a car, break in an engine, set up a car, and maybe even how to drive. I mean I know how I should do it, I just can’t do it. So should be good! Sunday we will race!

1st impressions are good, it looks like it will be a great week end. Racing a JQRacing event on a tropical island, it’s just amazing how far this crazy idea has taken me. Absolutely amazing….




One thought on “Road Trip Day 17 – The Dominican Republic

  1. The last pic with the perfectly clear water and pure white sand cannot be real. PS – time for the JQ salt water boat or submarine.

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