Capital City Raceway, Tallahassee Florida

IMG_2813After yesterday at 121 Raceway in Macclenny FL, I headed a couple of hours west along with Kevin OQuinn to Capital City Raceway in Tallahassee FL. OFFROAD! Yep, definitely offroad. The East Coast seems to get it. Many tracks here are medium grip to loose and they get rough. Love it. Too bad I couldn’t spend too much time on the track, had to re pack all my stuff in preparation for flying to the Dominican Republic tomorrow.

IMG_2832The track is located in a big park, that also has bmx tracks and mountain bike trails, as well as facilities for other activities. A great location for a track, if you are ever in Florida, I recommend you check it out.

Had to try some Alligator Tail! New animal today, new country tomorrow!

Had to try some Alligator Tail! New animal today, new country tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Capital City Raceway, Tallahassee Florida

  1. Steven Danford says:

    Next time you’re in the area, come check us out at Chehaw RC Raceway of Albany. About an hour 45 minutes north of Tallahassee. New up-start track. We’d love to have you.

  2. Ken Spencer says:

    How long is this trip gonna last? I talked to you briefly at PNB and I gotta say, I admire your dedication to the sport. You’re the only person that I wanted to shake hands with and I did just that. I’ll be picking up your kit and will be rolling it around next season no doubt. Never thought twice until I met you and read what you’ve been doing. You’re the Brad Pitt of r/c (minus the good looks and the hot wives) but none the less. I hope to see you on the track again.

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