Psycho Nitro Blast – Day 2

2nd TQ bonus of the year for this guy!

2nd TQ bonus of the year for this guy!

Racing at these big American races is so hard. No schedule, no warm up, no seeding, complete mayhem, drivers finishing the race and going backwards on the track while you are still racing, people walking on and off the stand while you are still racing, long days, super  tiring, and then you are supposed to focus and do well. It’s hard to do. What I can’t understand is that people spend money and enjoy this torture 😀 It’s fun in the pits, and it’s fun for the time you actually spend driving, but other than that it could be better. I wonder what these people would think if they went to a big race in say, Germany. It would be an amazing eye opener I am sure, in a good way.

Tomorrow we finally get into the mains! It’s late, so going to bed, but they are still racing, and haven’t posted overalls, so I don’t know where I qualified. I made the main in electric, and I think me and Degani made the main in nitro, but not 100% sure. Let’s hope so. Will be a lot of fun to race the mains tomorrow, cars are working well now. Too tired to think…. zzzz


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