You know how the name of this race has PSYCHO in it? Well that’s because it kind of psycho. Get this

24h of practice followed by

24h qualifying, 3 rounds each. (Better get 2 good ones and get the hell outta there 🙂 followed by

??h mains. A mains might be on Monday, let’s put it that way.

The track is pretty crazy, it’s really big and fast, and it has one double that will be breaking cars all week end! Already had some eCars catch on fire today with lipos bursting. A race like this, a track like this, add a few hundred, according to Degani “hillbillies” and it will definitely be nuts.

On that subject, Degani has been amazed at the JQ Love in the pits. Basically every single person has to walk by the JQ pit setup to get to the track, and a SURPRISING number of people have stopped to say hello, and say how they love the blog, they read all the setup stuff, they love the rcgypsy story, love love love. Where are the haters? The South clearly loves JQ 🙂 Degani says I’m like Donald Trump. Wait for it, hear this through. No one admits to liking Trump, but he is getting all the votes. Well with me no one publicly admits to liking me, but lot’s of love in the pits!

5 thoughts on “PSYCHO NITRO BLAST – Day 1

  1. John says:

    Being compared to Donald Trump is an insult and while some people plan on voting for him, the vast majority of Americans are smarter than that. Trump is a clown.

    I wish parts were easier to get here in the US, the JQRacing eCar White Edition looks really interesting.

    • jqproducts says:

      I think you missed the point of the comparison. Otherwise I agree. You can get parts in our webshop, on amain, on bellgate’s site, and soon on also. How much more do you need! 🙂

      • John says:

        Thanks for the response.. I’m just now getting back into the hobby and have enjoyed following your blog. I wasn’t aware of the other websites, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  2. John, I’m voting for Trump are you much smarter than me? I’d love to be compared to a Billionare with enough balls to speak his mind and not be throttled back by buzz killing terds like you. FYI Its hard to get parts for any 1/8 buggy this is a hobby please wake up..

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