THE USA Road Trip – Day 2


This is how I would categorise the states purely based on driving through them.



California: We all know it’s shit. Traffic and ugly desert. Terrible, until you enter AZ.


AZ doesn’t deserve a picture

Arizona: You thought California was bad? What’s AZ then, because it really is the shittest to drive through. Full of nothingness. I have solved America’s immigration problem. Just put all immigrants in AZ, no one will notice. Are there any people in AZ at the moment, except Maifield?


Looking for elephants

Looking for elephants


New Mexico: NM gives you hope of something better, some cool rock faces, and strange round bushes as far as the eye can see. Reminded me of South Africa in places. I found myself looking for elephants and zebras. Sometimes I scare myself.



The oilfields…no wait

Texas, you know how everything is bigger there. Got me thinking, I wonder if the priest did something very very bad, and is very very sorry, and erected this giant cross…

Texas: Big step backwards. Just as your hopes for some sort of civilisation were going up you enter Texas, another flat dry wasteland of nothing.



Oklahoma: Now we are talking, red dirt and green trees, it’s beginning to look alive, and if you are a cow, you would fit right in! Lot’s of cows!



It’s alive!!!!


Lakes and stuff! Improving improving!

Arkansas: Let’s face it, no one knows about Arkansas. I didn’t even know how to spell it. I had no idea what to expect, this is a black hole state, if you are not American it’s impossible for you to even know about it. But guess what. It was awesome! I was driving through and I thought to myself, this looks like I could live here. I wonder if it’s as nice as it looks! Maybe I will manage to get a nice picture without killing myself tomorrow, or maybe not.


3 thoughts on “THE USA Road Trip – Day 2

  1. Ben Reinmuth says:

    if you think California and az is bad hopefully your not going thru texas

  2. This blog is refreshing.. moar please.

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