THE USA Roadtrip Day 1

theroadtrip-day1Day 1 is done! I drove from the Degani Inn all the way to Albuquerque New Mexico. The #rcgypsy life continues, as I was on the 40 heading into AZ when I received a message from some random dude inviting me to stay at his house in Albuquerque. After he said that they were making tacos it was a done deal! Sounded too good for this rcgypsy to miss! Isn’t it amazing how life works, and the good people you meet when you be yourself and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there? This is me, this is what I believe, this is what I do, let’s go racing and have fun… Never ceases to amaze me.


Jimmy wrenches on his RC stuff in the kitchen. His wife Ashley doesn’t even care. Pffff, liberals…..


I thought I was just taking a cool picture, but then something seemed off…


…yep it’s definitely off! Goddamn my race van is falling to pieces.


Nothing some duct tape can’t fix. #rcgypsy don’t let some bullshit van parts falling off slow you down. It’s more aerodynamic now too. Bonus! Better gas mileage.


Taco Tuesday! Boom! Thank you very much to Jimmy and Ashley for the hospitality, I really appreciate it!


Some rocks in New Mexico. I think at least. Today wasn’t the most scenic route ever, but there was some shit that looked cool in real life!


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