THE Roadtrip

usa-roadtripSo it’s finally gonna happen. Van is packed up, and I’m going to drive across the country to the East Coast! Soon I will have been in more states than most Americans! It’s a bit of a drive, so I’m going to stay on the East Coast for April. After the Psycho Nitro Blast I am heading to the SpeedRC Grand Opening of the outdoor track, and I will visit whatever other tracks and races we figure out are suitable once I get over there.

If you want to try the JQ White Edition LV, I will have one extra car all built ready to go, for anyone who wants to race it. True story.

Also, maybe I will finally meet these elusive JQ haters. So far haven’t seen many in real life, but surely there will be some on this trip, maybe even some sporting the confederate flag. It’s gonna be emotional! I will keep you updated on here with my progress.


10 thoughts on “THE Roadtrip

  1. Anthony DiFronzo says:

    what about CT

  2. JQ haters!! Do such cretins actually exist Joseph? Maybe we are getting confused with people that hated the ‘shifty’ dealers, who mocked your tireless efforts to bring your awesome products to market.
    Anyway, I digress.
    But may I wish you all the fun and enjoyment with your RCGypsy travels, and I do hope you will endeavour to keep safe and well. There are an awful lot of us who do actually have great admiration for you:-) xxx

  3. Frank L says:

    Just make sure you have some ice cream along the way…

  4. Kelly Malone says:

    You will not see a confederate flag the rout you are taking. But you making any mention about it with out knowing what it was really all about is typical Euro —–

  5. Robert Tannenbaum says:

    Without the haters you might of been left out of social media but against all odds you are doing what you want an where enjoy the trip an b safe have fun even tho i don’t have a jq car are products you open doors for others an my opinion is this is grreat for the hobby world wide keep up the hard work an laugh when down it will keep you going blessed you are an continue to do things to make your products great for those that do run an use your products

  6. Steve Britt says:

    josph you sound as if you have never been to n.c. to race….We really don’t care what chassis your are sporting at an event,or where your from.all that matters is you turn marshal when it’s your turn and race with the respect you would ask for yourself.I consider my race days a chance to hang out with 100 of my closest buddy’s.that’s it dude.see ya at speed.

  7. He raced at the 2008 Worlds, that was real close to where he will be racing at Speed. JQ haters make you work harder to reach your dream. Who cares what other people say.

  8. Jimbo says:

    Make sure you come to Sumter S.C. they have a race 4/16/16 and Bush River raceway 4/23/16

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