NEO16 Day 3 – Racing Incidents


Inspired by the eCar B-Main today, I dedicate this post to it’s memory. Lest we never forget….

Accidental Takeout

This takeout is bad, just like any other, but it’s nature makes it more acceptable. The reason can be a complete racing incident, bad timing, unfortunate circumstance, lack of talent, or bad judgement. At some point, when a driver has enough of these incidents, it can no longer be said to be an accident. The driver’s attitude needs adjusting.

Spaz Takeout (Also known as receiving a “Showtime” or a “Rennick”)

Sometimes a takeout occurs simply because the skill level or eyesight in question results in line choice similar to a flipper ball stuck at the top of the machine. Contact is inevitable.

Malicious Takeout

A: Payback: Pretty obvious. someone can’t handle any one of these sorts of takeouts, and gets their revenge. Everyone gets mad sometimes, but you have to be a unicorn to do this.

B: The I’m better than you and deserve to be ahead of you takeout: This happens in a race where a faster driver is behind a slower driver and feels entitled to be ahead, so they don’t even bother waiting to try and pass clean. Not cool. What makes it even worse is that the cowardly referees hardly ever call a penalty for this.

Friendly Fire Takeout

When you talk smack with your mates, and take each other out on the track. Perfectly acceptable as long as everyone is in on it.

Takeout caused by the ego of the person being overtaken

A lot of takeouts in RC are actually caused by the driver ahead. It’s the fault of the person being overtaken when they refuse to surrender a position they have lost, by turning in on someone or cross jumping for example.

Marshal Takeout

Sometimes marshals don’t look both ways. Everyone loses.

Track Marker Takeout

It’s rare, but broken pipes, or torn up carpet have been known to take some drivers out.

The Pitlane Takeout

Extremely rare and equally idiotic. This is not driver inflicted, but pit crew.

The Backmarker Takeout

This is when a driver being lapped does something out of the ordinary in an attempt to let someone by, and ends up taking them out.

The Knuckle Sandwich Takeout

After the race, if people uninvolved in the incident get involved, someone may end up being taken out with a knuckle sandwich


One thought on “NEO16 Day 3 – Racing Incidents

  1. […] respect the car in front no matter who it is. You have to admire that. And if you think you have to be dirty to win, just remember that between them they have 17 European Championships. Something to keep in mind […]

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