NEO16 Day 1 – Practice


Day 1 at NEO is done. Track is really really good. It’s offroad, you know….

This year they added a new feature, a really big bowl turn at the end of the straight, followed by a big jump. Perfect, we need more of this. I expect to see some block passes in the mains. May be a bit too high speed for controlled passes though! Really like the track, it’s a bit more open than in years past, and flows nicely. It’s weird though, the end of the lap, which looks the lamest and easiest is actually the hardest to get right in my opinion.

The track is more high bite than in years past, or then the LV is just that much better 🙂 I actually have not changed my setup much. I have gone to thinner shock oils, 350/250 (25/22.5), due to the cold temps. I also went to thinner swaybars, 2.2 front and 2.4 rear, and thinner diff oils, 6-6-3. Otherwise the car feels really good! I’m not going to change anything, just focus on driving. The White Edition LV basic setup that I use has now proven to be really really good, working well in all conditions, only requiring minor changes. Check out my setups here.

I tried AKA supersoft and clay compound, I though SS was easier to drive, but clay was faster. Grid iron, handle bar, chain link and typo all worked. I will start with Typo in Clay for nitro, and see how it goes.

For me qualifying at the neo race is really difficult, all the noise, smoke, small track, a lot of cars, mayhem. It’s easy to get frustrated and blow out. I have to remember to get ear plugs and block some of that out, and just get into the zone and do smooth and consistent laps.


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