The Death Of Offroad

Oh no! Call the fire brigade, there's some bumps, and it's a bit loose! Damn pansies....

Oh no! Call the fire brigade, there are some bumps, and it’s a bit loose! ….. Damn pansies….

Today I will make it short and sweet:

Please stop destroying offroad racing with these stupid mega traction smooth tracks. Imagine Supercross on asphalt. It would be fucking stupid. Exactly. Now let’s get back to offroad racing. No more carpet worlds, no more concrete worlds, no more of this shit please. Make it a different class if there really are people who like this.


16 thoughts on “The Death Of Offroad

  1. I agree
    But not possible every where.
    Example the Netherlands you have the choise to race on astroturf for 10 months
    when you want to build a rc track with dirt, you can race 4 to 6 months

  2. Cd says:

    Oh gramps….

  3. Shawn Miller says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m upset with the way the off road RC world is going. Todays rc racers are soft. I don’t want to get my car dirty, its to dry for slicks, the track is so bumpy and loose. Quit your crying. This is supposed to be OFF ROAD racing!! Its turning into on road with jumps. Bring back the real dirt and it will bring back the real fun. #keepthishobbygreat #keepsmiling

  4. Kaz says:

    In a way I agree. But I also disagree, I look at it as a progression of the sport. Does that make it good, no; but it’s more about competitiveness. “Off Road” RC racing is a LOT like paintball in a way. Paintball started as capture the flag in a outdoor environment, this game-play was slow and not easy for spectators to watch. So they started doing the AstroTurf speedball stuff. People can watch and actually “Spectate”, thus the sport went through a big growth spurt. Do I like watching speedball or paintball? No, not really. I guess what I’m saying is that as long as the evolution of the sport makes the sport grow it’s typically a good thing. One good thing about tracks that are more “groomed” is they typically make for closer competitive racing. I will stand and say that the carpet worlds was a bit of a joke as far as “off road” goes; The jumps and bumps were too artificial (flat surfaces, un-natural stuff).

    What would I like to see for the “Off Road RC tracks”? A wide array of jumps, bumps, elevation changes and such. These are the things that make Off-Road different from On-Road.

  5. Mark Perrella says:

    Death to all pansies of everything non off road!

  6. Kevin says:

    I for guys buying tires

  7. Muhannad Alwani says:

    I get you. I think of it this way. What was buggy is now onroad with jumps. Now it is knife sharp driving on a maybe too smooth of a surface. What would be cool now is a rally class. Think of Rally Game cars on gravel without the big jumps. I would even go more realistic like scale WRC cars.

    • steve says:

      I agree and disagree.
      For large clubs that take enough through the gates, and have dirt tracks, they can foot the bills for the constant re grading.
      Astro turf does illiminate most maintenance.
      And becomes an easier option, and can be run on all year round.
      I have a dirt track in rarely gets used, until we host the nationals.
      I fund this with a pal of mine.
      We cannot afford the costs to maintain a full grass track. So we have decided to Astro turf the corners that become damaged, and also acceleration and braking areas of the track.
      So we have had to bow to a 50/50 dirt and Astro track….. Maybe a more suitable option.

    • Joe says:

      We have a rally class in Colorado.

  8. FourDollaRacing says:

    I disagree….because I raced club rules on an local indoor carpet track, that was so low-traction, the offroad cars did better than the onroad cars!

  9. Let the racers decide what they like and where they want to race. So even on a astro turf track are jumps and rhythm sections. Would you call that on road racing then?

    Is it that you can’t win on Astro turf that you are so negative about this minor issue?

    • patoconcha says:

      That’s why after 16 years of offroad hobby and 10 of them racing hard, I moved to drone racing lol !!!.

      Today it seems nobody wants to really “offroad” but to “onroad with jumps” …. so sad …

  10. Alexander Obermeier says:

    If there are enough guys to prepare the “dirt” tracks, no problem. Just think about the work that is behind preparing tracks. With carpet and astroturf you have the posiibility to reduce the operating expense. I guess this is one of the biggest reason for having this development.

  11. Sacminiwheels says:


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