Mexico Nationals Rd1 – Finals

1. JQ 2. Felipe Martinez 3. Diego Marroquin

Ok so the Mexican Nationals are done, and I am now back in America. Tomorrow I leave to go to Silver State. Catching up with work now, but first, here is my report. I have to say, now that the Mexican government has sent all murderers and rapists across the border to America (this is what I have heard), Mexico has become a very laid back and friendly place! It’s all about RC Racing, beers at the track, and tacos! I mean the race was sponsored by Bud Light! So good. Anyway, let’s look at the setup.

The track was really good, and the dirt grooved up and formed a medium traction bluegroove surface. It stayed smooth, and was a little dusty offline. The temperature was about 30 degrees, and I ended up running soft grid irons and impacts, and long wear soft impacts in the main. Both tyres felt good, impacts just lasted longer.

I ran thicker oil than before, as the weather was hot, and there were a lot of heavy landings on the track, I ended up with 550/450 (Losi 35/32.5). I ran grey springs all round and the stock pistons. The suspension was really good. I ran emulsion shocks, basically cutting the bladder into an o-ring. I will make a post about that one day.

I have been running lower rideheight recently which has been very good, 26/27 now, and also reduced downtravel, it kept the car stable on power in the long sweepers. Just reducing 2mm shock length makes a significant difference. I will post about the downtravel also in a separate post, and update my original downtravel post for clarity.

The setup sheet from the race is posted here. As I mentioned, over the coming days I will post separate articles about what I learned at the race. That makes it easier to find in the future.

Monterrey Setup

I ran the 34mm flywheel REDS clutch, 34mm works best in THECar


I told you it's all about the tacos, Paco agrees!

I told you it’s all about the tacos, Paco agrees!


Thank you to Luis Gudino and the crew at the Pepita RC Track for the hospitality and the race!

You can find more pictures here.


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  1. […] Last week end the 1st round of the Mexican Nationals was held in Monterrey Mexico. The event attracted about 120 entries, mainly 1/8th buggy (just one class which is the best way), along with a couple of heats of Truggy and electric Short Course. Unlike last year, this years weather was perfect for racing, warm and sunny. The track was really good with a surface that grooved up providing medium traction and tyre wear. The layout was nice with good technical jumps and corner combinations. JQ managed to TQ and win the event ahead of Felipe Martinez and Diego Marroquin. Read JQ’s report here. […]

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