Oh Great it’s Monday Tomorrow!

After many weeks of hard work doing things I don’t really want to do, I can’t wait to get back to what I do want to do, design stuff, research and learn to understand what’s going on with the car, and figure out ways to improve it in every way! The past weeks I have been busy planning, thinking, worrying, and implementing a few of our major ideas, the first (and not as exciting imho) of which will be revealed tomorrow. When working for so long on new ideas, specially when any actual financial benefit is first of all not guaranteed, and secondly far away, one really has to have a strong belief that everything will work out one day, and it will all be worth it. Sometimes I wonder where the motivation comes from, but it just does.


The title of this post is not exactly fitting, because the truth is, it just happens to be Monday tomorrow. You see when you start your own company you are on the clock 24/7. Normally you start a company because you want to do something you enjoy, and you want to make money doing it. This means that you don’t ever get a case of “the Mondays”. However, it also means you never get to disconnect completely, you never get that sense of freedom on a Friday or a week end. But if it was easy everyone would do it…


I have heard from a number of sources, that when you start your own company, you can forget about your own racing. It’s just not possible to race seriously and run a serious company. Well, I think I will have to disagree, or do the impossible. Simple as that! So, I will take advantage of the upcoming week of rain, and work my arse off, figuring things out and designing stuff, so when sun comes back out, I can go to the track. There is no Solution Shop for this, like the one I discovered in Africa. There are no easy roads to success, or ways to avoid doing the things you don’t like, or ways to avoid working hard. If you want to have a chance to succeed, you have to have ambition, be ready to work without any tangible benefits for extended periods of time, and accept that it may or may not work out.  And you also need a dirtbike, so when you feel like quitting, you can go and ride, and everything’s good again 🙂



One thought on “Oh Great it’s Monday Tomorrow!

  1. Tom says:

    I love this article. I too have my own business. I have been working for myself for the past 16 yrs. You’re very uplifting in the things you say, and it gives me a second wind sometime. Basically, I’m burned out. I love what I do and I make okay money doing it but sometimes I just want to get as far away as I can from it.

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