One happy child is better than nothing…


When you travel, you have two choices. Either travel with your eyes open on your eyes closed. Eat at McDonalds, or eat local, hang with your friends or meet locals too, go to the up scale mall or shop where the locals shop. Learn local culture and learn their stories or don’t.

I think it is obvious what my choice is. When Bongani rocked up with this get up, I decided that we couldn’t let this boy walk around with his arse hanging out. Turns out Bonganis lack of decent attire was due to the fact that he didn’t have a mother or father. At 10 years old, that is a bit of a crisis.

This is where people have a second choice. Do something good, or just ignore it. Most people choose to ignore, but what if everyone instead did one good thing for someone when they traveled. Instead of exploiting the cheap sex workers in 3rd world countries, what if some money was spent on something good? I didn’t cure the Aids epidemic, or raise the standard of living, but with 30 minutes of my time and less than 15€ I made one boy very happy because now he has shoes and his bottom isn’t hanging out when he walks around.

2 thoughts on “One happy child is better than nothing…

  1. Ricardo Burnett says:

    The title says it all one happy child is better than nothing. That was a real eye opener when I go to these places I end up doing nothing because I want to help on a grand scale, but I simply can’t afford it

    However if you can help out just one kid it has to be better than nothing FairPlay JQ

  2. Aaron says:



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