White Edition Setups, and Setup Advice

You can find our WE setups online HERE. Unfortunately we do not have an electronic sheet yet, so for now we do it like this. Please try the setups and give us feedback on rctech HERE. Let’s all work together and find a basic setup that everyone is happy with!

I will be posting a specific “THE Guide” for the White Edition soon, and also short posts here, regarding setups, so check back regularly. There is also a way to search for posts, just click THECar Advice, and you will find all posts I make about setups etc.

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One thought on “White Edition Setups, and Setup Advice

  1. Charles mims says:

    Really like what I see and hear with this JQ WHITE EDITION. Been running LOSI
    For over 20 years and thinking hard about switching to THE CAR.
    Charles Mims

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