Oh wow, I need to get this blog up and running again. Been a bit hectic, released a car, went through everything to be sure batch 2 gets done, prepared release material, to be posted shortly, changed continents etc. But before I get to posting the last reports of the asia tour, here is my USA schedule!

All dates not mentioned, I am in Costa Mesa CA, racing at OCRC for ep, and Revelation for Nitro.

9-13.1 Phoenix AZ Fear Farm
23-26.1 Reedy Race Huntington Beach CA
7-9.2 San Diego Chula Vista (if it’s open!)
13-17.2 Dallas Texas (all tracks I can get to, message me where to go!!)
19-23.2 Phoenix AZ Nitro Challenge
26.2 Home!

As for east coast, I hope to get there in May! Contact me if you want me to visit your local track!

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