Don’t Be Satisfied With Less Than Your Dreams


Dreams can come true if you are willing to put in the required amount of hard work. You will have to make sacrifices time to time, lack of money, lack of social life, long working hours. You will have to take risks, financial and personal, but whatever they may be, if you are passionate about what it is you are doing, nothing will stop you. Believe in yourself and your dream, and make the decision to conquer it! If a tall goofy looking, almost engineer, lacking in social skills #rcgypsy can do it, so can you!


Just under 4 years ago all I had was a dream, stickers and T Shirts. Today I am back from a week end JQ Asia Tour Race, where arguably THEBest RC Racer of the moment Atsushi Hara made his JQProducts debut. Having the best driver in the world wheel a car you have created with your friends, and not only that, but also like it, and give valuable feedback is mindblowing!

IMG_0336 IMG_0327

Against THE Odds


One thought on “Don’t Be Satisfied With Less Than Your Dreams

  1. Did he give you any hair product reccomendations worth mentioning?

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