JQ Products THE Asia Tour Day 5

Back at it again! I love racing, wherever it is. This time it was really great because the track is so good! Today we had the 1st JQ Asia Tour Event in Indonesia. We managed to get two qualifiers in before it rained. It rained really hard, but amzingly, the track was dry within hours. It was really good for the  A main, and I even ended up running soft AKA Citybeam. That’s pretty amazing!

I managed to TQ and win the race, and Patrix, our distributor racing a White Edition finished 2nd! What a great start to THETour and also the production White Edition! 1st Race 1st Win again! The 3rd White Edition piloted by Ilias “100% A Mains in Asia” Arkoudaris made the main also making it 5 JQ cars in the main, and all the WE at the event. Badabingbadaboom!

Next stop Bandung, for a one day visit, and after that Surabaya, arriving fashionably late. Don’t want to practice too much and get burned out……riiiight 😀

Terima kasih kepada semua teman saya di medan. Aku cinta kamu!

THEMarshals – Terima kasih

2 thoughts on “JQ Products THE Asia Tour Day 5

  1. Azka says:

    it was amazing to see u direct in the pit and the track…thanks for visiting us, see u next time..

  2. indra says:

    Learned so much from you about the car setting, having lots of fun today at the race, hoping to learn more and improve my driving skill, thank you for the knowledge, hope will be seeing you two again.

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