JQ World Tour

With the release of the new White Edition imminent, and the snow about to fall here in Finland, we have made the decision to embark on a World Tour of epic proportions. Much like a band would tour to promote their new album, myself (and Ilias for part of the trip), will tour the worlds rc tracks and hobby shops, promoting our brand and our new car!

The idea of the tour is to showcase the new car on as many tracks around the world as possible, and meet with as many JQ users, and potential future JQ racers as we can. We will be hosting Setup Days at the tracks, where we will help all drivers, regardless of car brand, with car and engine setup, and driving in general. So if you want to learn about setup or driving, make sure to follow this blog, as I will post info about where we are going to be! Our plans will most likely change as we go!

I will have an extra car with me, that people will be able to try, and at each race, one lucky local will be granted the possibility of competing in the race with it. It is basically my backup car, so it is ready to go. You will just need a receiver. It has Savöx servos installed, a REDS Engine, AKA tyres, and it runs on Nitrolux fuel. You will basically be running the complete same set of equipment as me! And of course I will be wrenching on it together with whoever it is that get’s to run it. How do you get to run it, what are the requirements? I have no idea, but asking usually does the trick :-).

Our goals for the tour is to establish a strong network of JQ dealers, team drivers and racers around the world. Normally, once you have met someone personally, it is a lot easier to stay in contact and relay information. This is what we want to achieve. We want to find the right people who believe in what we are doing, and who are supporting us, and we want to find ways to both improve their enjoyment, and increase the availability of product and support at each location we visit.

We will begin by traveling to Indonesia, visiting our distributor and his track in Medan, then off to Surabaya Indonesia for the Cnetic race, followed by a JQ Race in Malaysia, then one in Bangkok Thailand. After that Ilias will head home, and I will most likely continue to Australia and New Zealand. Here is the planned schedule:

31st Oct – 3rd Nov Medan, Indonesia. Sat 2nd, JQ Setup Day. Sun 3rd, JQ Asia Tour  Race.

4th Nov – 11th Nov Surabaya, Indonesia. Tue 5th and Wed 6th, JQ Setup Days, followed by Cnetic Race.

12th Nov – 18th Nov Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sat 16th, JQ Setup Day. Sun 17th JQ Asia Tour Race.

13th Nov – Singapore. 1 Day trip to Singapore!

19th Nov – 25th Nov Bangkok, Thailand. Sat 23rd, JQ Setup Day. Sun 24th JQ Asia Tour Race.

26th Nov – 5th Dec Adelaide/Melbourne Australia.

6th Dec – 10th Dec Dunedin/Christchurch New Zealand.

There is the basic idea, if you have any ideas for places to go, tracks to visit, places to stay, ways of getting around anything at all that can help this #rcgypsy make this World Tour reality. Do not hesitate to contact me at jq[at]jq-products.com, or for example on my facebook. Or maybe just comment on here. Let’s make this happen, against the odds!

And if we survive, January -> USA Tour, more about that later!

One thought on “JQ World Tour

  1. Hao says:

    when will you go to china,it should be a huge market there.

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