JQ Blog

A long time ago I swore I would never create a blog, because I thought they were lame. And here I am creating one. The main reason for this blog is the JQ World Tour. We needed a way for people to be able to follow what we are doing and where we will be, and we realised that starting a personal blog is the best way to do it. Easy to update, and an easy way to provide valuable information to all JQ racers.

This will be the place to read about everything interesting going on, related to racing, improving THECar, and traveling around visiting various RC tracks. There will be a section where you can also post your own pictures of your cars or your tracks for example. This will become a resource for anyone who races RC, for finding tracks and figuring out great places to visit, and also for all JQ users, for finding a lot of helpful information regarding setups, maintenance and racing. I will also post pictures from the past, #TBT and share a bit more about all the things I have been up to over the past 6 years. And of course there will be a fair amount of nonsense too. Can’t become all corporate and serious.

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